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Congratulations to Alia and Jasjit on their engagement at Ironwoods in Kapalua. At the same time, Alia was shocked and thrilled after being taken by surprise. Thanks to Meghan, one of Jenny Vargas Photography team associates, for catching the beautiful couple’s session on film.

Our Jenny Vargas Photography team loves surprises.

We loved hearing about Jasjit’s idea of proposing to his bride-to-be. And, of course, the cliffs at Ironwoods were the perfect location. While Megan waited for Alia and Jasjit, she blended with the tourists. When Jasjit arrived, he texted Megan. For some time, Jasjit and Alia enjoyed Maui’s sun overlooking the ocean. As impatient as he was, Jasjit gave Alia time to soak in Ironwood’s cliffs. In the distance, Megan crept closer to the couple. Then, while Aila wasn’t looking, Jasjit dropped to one knee. When Alia didn’t hear Jasjit behind her, she turned to find him half kneeling, holding an engagement ring.

Then BOOM! Jasjit proposed to Alia on the lovely west Maui cliffs at Ironwoods.

With that said, Alia was shocked and ecstatic at the same time. She had yet to learn he planned this engagement at Ironwoods, including a photographer. Because Alia was caught off guard with her hair blown by the high winds, Alia and Jasjit reenacted the proposal. So of course we got both candid moments and professional pictures. Both were darling.

So which is your favorite picture from this Ironwoods engagement session?

Thank you Alia and Jasjit for allowing Megan from Jenny Vargas Photography team to photograph your surprise proposal at Ironwoods in Kapalua. It was a please to be part of your wonderful day. We’d love to photograph your wedding if you decide to come back. Our team wishes you all the joy in planning for your future together. Again, thank you for trusting Jenny Vargas Photography to capture your memories on film.

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Ironwoods Engagement | Taken by Surprise | Jenny Vargas Photography

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