’ve been lucky enough to be in the Hawaii Wedding and Couples Photography industry for several years now, and I know how important it is to have a photographer who is dedicated to making the experience perfect for you. 

Every love story is unique—that’s the beauty of your intimate connection—and you deserve a custom experience that captures your love. I also know how essential it is to feel relaxed, confident, and beautiful on your special day, so I go that extra mile to connect with each couple, and provide you with any support and suggestions you need to make your day the most memorable one of your life, just as it should be.



im jenny.

Photographer, Mompreneur, and Island Enthusiast

I’m a passionate, professional photographer based in Maui, Hawaii, and I’m on a mission to capture loving memories that you’ll cherish forever. 

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grew up in California, and moved to Maui with my husband 12 years ago. And my goodness, I can't even begin to describe how much we LOVE living in Maui! I feel grateful to be in paradise every day, and I truly appreciate everything the islands have to offer. 

There’s something magical about Hawaii, don’t you think?! I can’t think of a better destination to capture your love story...When you pair a couple in love with the beauty of paradise, it’s a memory that’s hard to beat!

It was the island inspiration, combined with my new “Mom” status, that led me to photography. I wanted to be home with my son to witness every special moment, and I wanted to capture every smile, and every milestone, and be able to look back and remember them forever. 


And gosh what an honor it is to be featured as the The Knot’s 2021 Pick for The Best of Weddings!

So I taught myself photography and took at least a million photographs of my son, until I had mastered the camera, the editing process, and the natural island light. And then I advanced my skills by studying directly under the leaders of the photography industry. To date I have completed several advanced photography courses, workshops, online trainings, and style shoots, and I attend annual photography conferences to ensure I’m always refining my skills, and staying current on industry trends. I was determined and committed to become the Mompreneur I envisioned, and I knew I couldn’t be the only one who so dearly wanted to capture the details, the love, and the emotion of those moments in life that matter most.

much as I love adventure, shopping, a good glass of wine, and watching Netflix with my husband and son by my side, I adore the dreaminess of real-life hollywood-style love stories. I just can’t help myself...especially when I get to photograph couples in love all the time! #bestjobever 

I’m a big believer in the beauty of love, the union of marriage, and the importance of each couple’s commitment to one another. 

Choosing a photographer to capture such an intimate moment of your life is a big deal—I get it—and I consider it the greatest honor to get to document your special day. That’s why I pride myself in delivering an experience that you will remember forever. 




I adore the dreaminess of real-life hollywood-style love stories.

A photography session is so much more than just having photographs taken on the day.

It’s about discussing and creating the perfect experience that captures your love story; feeling at ease during your photoshoot; and receiving beautifully edited images that are everything you hoped for, and so much more. Because you deserve nothing less. 

And I’m sure you have so many questions. What time of day is best for the photoshoot? Which Maui beaches allow photoshoots? Who do you recommend for hair and makeup? How long should we allow to get the perfect shot? And the list goes on...right?! 

I was in your same shoes when I married my husband 10 years ago, so I’ve been on your side of the lens, and I know how it feels preparing for a photography session—especially if you’re not local to Hawaii. Which is why I’ll be right beside you throughout the planning process, and the photoshoot experience, to guide you, and to make suggestions that will free you up to relax and enjoy your special day. 

When you’re relaxed and comfortable with your photographer, the session is so much fun, your personal connection with one another shines through, and your photographs turn out nothing short of AH-MAZING! That’s why I take the time to get to know every one of my clients. 

If timeless, film-inspired photography that captures the essence of your love story is what you’re seeking, we’re going to be the best of friends! 

hen I’m not behind the lens, I’m out and about enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer with my ‘ohana. You can find us enjoying a staycation at one of Maui’s gorgeous resorts, savoring shave ice on a hot Hawaiian day, and taking sunset strolls in peaceful upcountry Maui. 

But enough about me—this is about your special day, and everything you dream it to be.


Let’s connect!

I’d love to connect with you, chat about your vision, and create the perfect photography experience for you, here in the beautiful Hawaiian islands. 

The professional bio

Jenny Vargas Photography is a Professional Wedding and Couples Photography Company based in Maui, Hawaii, specializing in Maui Wedding Photography, Maui Elopement Photography, and Maui Couples Photography that captures each couple’s unique love story. Inspired by the Hawaiian islands, and couples in love, Jenny’s photography is known for its light and airy, fine-art style that captures real emotion and heartfelt connection; and stands the test of time.

Hello! My name is Lexi. You may ask, what is it about photography that I love? Well, from the time I was old enough to crawl, rarely was I ever in front of a camera. I often found myself behind my moms Panasonic camcorder. Then when I had enough money, at the age of 13, I bought my first DSLR camera. Here, I spent many hours exploring photography, and the more I learned, the more I loved it. It was those building blocks that led me to where I am today. As I continued to follow my passion for photography, I blossomed into the space I am in now; making photography my full-time career. About four years ago, I started my professional photography business in Pennsylvania. Now, since living in Maui, my business has flourished beyond what I ever imagined. So, I would say photography has always been my calling.  

In photography and life, I value relationships. I believe we're in the business of building connections and I find that a crucial part of being in the photography industry. I never want to be looked at as a vendor but rather a friend whom you can trust to capture your special moments. I am here to capture your trust personality and love for the people you hold closest to your heart, and I hold that to a very high standard. I always want your photoshoot to feel relaxed, comfortable, and flexible. I do my best to make your session fun and make it flow, just as life does so effortlessly.

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Hi everyone, I'm Meigan. I grew up in Breckenridge, Colorado, mountain biking and ski racing. I received my bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado ten years ago. Soon after, I started my wedding photography business. When I started my business, I was only taking nature pictures. Then, one day, I had an art show at a local coffee shop where I displayed a biography that offered portraits for $40. And the rest is history. Indeed, I quickly realized photography is where my personality thrives. Uniquely, I was voted "Best Photographer of Summit County" in 2017! 

I moved to the Island of Maui, Hawaii, five years ago, where I brought my business. Here, my favorite things are surfing, exploring waterfalls, and watching the sunset with friends. With that said, I am thankful to sustain my life in Maui as a wedding photographer. Undoubtedly, there is no lovelier experience than being surrounded by laughter and celebration, capturing one of the most important moments of a person's life. Certainly, it is a dream that I cherish.