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There is something incredibly magical about holding a photograph in your hand and being transported back to a specific moment in time. Pictures have this amazing ability to capture the smallest of details and freeze them forever – the beautiful lace pattern of a wedding dress, the stunning glow of a soon-to-be mama, the tiny wrinkles in a newborn baby’s smile.

Moments like these matter. Moments like these deserve to be remembered and displayed.

For the most special moments of your life, you deserve a photography experience that you’ll remember forever. 

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When you book one of my Photography Collections, you’ll enjoy:

believe in the beauty of love stories, and the personal, heartfelt connection that only you have with one another. It’s something truly special, and you deserve an unrivaled photography experience to match. For me, it’s not just about providing you with beautiful photographic memories of your special day—it’s about delivering a custom, joyful experience that you’ll cherish forever. I was on your side of the lens when I married my amazing husband 10 years ago, and I realized just how important it is to feel relaxed, confident, and beautiful during a photography session. That’s why I go above and beyond to provide you with personalized support and suggestions that ensure your experience is all you dreamed it would be, and so much more.


• Personal Contact with Me (your new bestie!) 
• Customized Support 
• Guidance with Vendors 
• Island Advice and Recommendations 
• Travel and Location Suggestions 
• Day Of, and Timeline, Recommendations 
• A Photography Experience of a Lifetime 
• Professionally Edited Photographs that Capture your Love Story 
• The Best Memories (both real life, and digital!) 

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I’m so glad you asked! Of course it’s beautiful, timeless photography that you’re after, but for me it’s about delivering so much more than just photographs you love—it’s about creating an experience that you’ll look back on with the biggest smile. It starts right from the moment you contact me—I take the time to personally respond to every inquiry—and you get my guidance and support from that moment on. We’ll chat and get to know each other so that you feel relaxed and comfortable, and I can provide you with the best experience possible. I’ll help with planning suggestions, and prepare you ahead of time for the fun that’s to come. On the day, we’ll have an incredible, fun, and memorable time, celebrating your love. And then, I put my heart and soul into the professional editing process, to ensure that every image is elegantly preserved to reflect your love story. 
The Jenny Vargas Photography Experience is a commitment to making your special day one of the most memorable of your entire life, just as it should be.


What sets the Jenny Vargas Photography Experience apart?

My style is very much inspired by the natural beauty and light of the Hawaiian islands, and by the intimate connection of couples in love—it’s classic, light, airy, and fine-art influenced. I believe it’s so important to capture your unique connection, love, and emotion, in a way that’s timeless and elegant, while still being playful, and fun.


How would you describe your photography style?

I’m a very passionate photographer, a big believer in each couple’s own unique connection with one another, and I love living in the Hawaiian Islands! Call me a dreamer, but I adore real-life hollywood-style love stories, and there’s no question that I have the best job, ever! I’m easy going, fun-loving, flexible, real, honest, and approachable, and I think my passion for my work shines through every step of the way. It’s because I care so much about creating the ideal photography experience for you, that I take the time to get to know you, provide custom guidance and suggestions leading up to your special day, and ensure that the photography session itself is an experience of a lifetime. Building a connection with my clients is really essential to me, and I pride myself in ensuring that every client gets their perfect session, and has a huge smile on their face the whole way through. The day itself will be customized to your specific requests, and you can expect a relaxed, interactive time, where we “talk story,” as we say here in Hawaii, laugh, and have fun. When you relax and have a great time, I get the absolute best photographs for you!


What is it like to work with you?

I’m a professional Maui Photography, and I’ve specialized in Weddings, Couples, and Family Photography for several years now. I’m a fun-loving gal, but I’m fully invested in being the best photographer possible for you, so I’ve studied directly under the leaders of the photography industry, and completed numerous advanced photography courses, workshops, online trainings, and style shoots. I also attend annual photography conferences to ensure I’m always refining my skills, and staying current on industry trends. To date I’ve photographed hundreds of Maui Weddings, Elopements, Anniversaries, and happy Families, but I don’t like to think of it that way, as my clients aren’t numbers—they are cherished individuals. I take my work very seriously, and am honored to have been featured as the The Knot’s 2019 Pick for The Best of Weddings.


How much experience do you have in photography?

I’m currently accepting bookings for 2019 and 2020 and, although I do my best to accommodate last-minute requests whenever I’m available, I always recommend booking as far in advance as possible. I typically suggest giving yourself at least a month to plan your outfits, hair, makeup, etc., and the sooner we can chat and plan your special day, the more support I can provide you with along the way. If you’re ready to book, let’s connect soon so I can check my availability and start creating a custom photography experience for you.


How far in advance should we book you?

Yes! Interisland travel is quick, and really fairly easy, so while I’m best known as a Maui Wedding Photographer, I do accept bookings on other Hawaiian Islands as well. Additional travel fees apply.


Do you travel to other islands?

I get it—you want your special day to have the perfect weather. Luckily we have a lot of beautiful sunny days here in paradise, so that’s typically the case, but in those times when it does rain, I always have a plan B. With Portrait and Family Photography Collections that are more flexible, I do my very best to reschedule the session to a day of sunshine. When it comes to Hawaii Wedding Photography and Elopement Photography, which usually have a pre-set date, we go with the flow and always make it work. Usually it’s just a drizzle, and we can still get stunning photography; when it rains harder, I have cute transparent umbrellas that enable me to still see you, while you are kept dry. It’s also often the case that while it may be raining in one spot on the island, it might not be in the next town over, so we can always drive elsewhere and get you the photography you always dreamed of. Plus, rain is good luck on a special day, and as the Hawaiian saying goes, “No rain, no rainbows” :)


What if it rains during our photography session, or on our wedding day?

Absolutely! I adore natural beauty, but there is just something to be said about not having to worry about getting your hair and makeup right on your special day. There are several talented hair and makeup artists in Maui, and on the other Hawaiian islands, that I can recommend to you to make your life so much easier. I definitely recommend investing in hair and makeup to complete the experience, remove the stress, and truly enjoy your special day.


Do you recommend investing in hair and makeup for the photography session?

I’m so excited to connect with you, and so honored that you have chosen the Jenny Vargas Photography Experience! 

The next step is to contact me to check my availability, and request my Photography Collections Guide to decide on the Collection that’s right for you (of course we can always chat over the phone and walk through this process together if you prefer.) Once you have selected your ideal Collection, I ask for a deposit to secure the date, and then we’ll get started on planning your personalized photography experience. Let the fun begin! 


We’re ready to move ahead—how do we book you?

Thank you for asking! Gosh for me it’s the perfect profession—I get to capture love stories, and meet the most incredible couples, all while living in Hawaii—how did I get this lucky?! For me, photography is a timeless memory of the most special moments in life. The fact that I get to capture loving memories that stand the test of time, is the absolute, greatest honor.


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