Maui Anniversary Photoshoot: Akeyma and Tracy’s Beach Photos. Thank you for choosing Jenny Vargas Photography as your Maui Photographer.
Congratulations on their first anniversary as a married couple.
This Maui Anniversary Photoshoot was amazing as Akeyma and Tracy came in hot with blissful feelings of love.

This Maui Anniversary photoshoot was taken at White Rock Beach for sunset. It was because of Facebook that Akeyma found Jenny Vargas Photography. After she reached out, we connected. And since Akeyma and Tracy were unfamiliar with Maui’s geography, I offered them the best descriptive locations. So for all you spectators, watch out because this stylish couple brought the heat.

From the perfect couple, to ideal sunset, to superb weather, Akeyma and Tracy picked an excellent evening.

I adored this couple’s Maui Anniversary Photoshoot. As if I were absent, Akeyma and Tracy were naturals in front of the lens. Here, they showed lots of affection; from holding hands, to exchanging kisses, and hugs. Displayed below was the intense chemistry they shared. Definitely, these blissful lovers glistened underneath the rose gold sky. Meanwhile, as the high tides rolled in, Akeyma and Tracy were relaxed. With no cares in the world, they showed off their affection in front of the lens. Of course, Maui’s tropical vibes has that affect on lovers.

This Maui Photographer was speechless. Look at how stunning this couple was. From her stylish, pink beachwear, to make-up, the jewelry, and beautiful hair, Akeyma was one gorgeous model. And let’s include her hubby as he was handsome too. Obviously, these two were a perfect pair.

Whether you’re celebrating a one-year milestone or a 50-year milestone, Maui is one magical place to be! Whats your favorite thing about coming to Maui for your anniversary? Comment below.

Indeed, Congratulations to Akeyma and Tracy! Altogether, we wish you many more blissful anniversaries!

Again, thank you for trusting me as your Maui Photographer. Certainly, you two were the highlight on this magical day!

Aug 2

Maui Anniversary Photoshoot: Blissful Love with Akemya & Tracy

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