This lovely Maui Family Photography session was adorable. As you can see, the family of nine was feeling oh-so fine.
What is it about a family’s bond that keeps the unit together?

This Maui Photography session was beautiful. Well, as for the Alber’s family bond, it comes from the unique love mom and dad give. This is what glues everyone together. With that said, Clair and her two siblings wanted to do something special for their parents. And what better way than an updated Family Photography Session, right? So, while on vacation, they surprised their parents with a Maui Family Photography Session. The portraits were in honor of mom and dad’s anniversary. This family sure knows how to be thoughtful.

Uniquely, Clair searched Instagram and found me under Maui Family Photographer.

After speaking with Clair, we decided on sunset photos at Kapalua Bay. As shown in the images, it was a hit with the Alber’s Family. Nothing but smiles and charm from this beautiful group. Not to mention, this family spent excellent quality time with the granddaughter of the family. Of course we made sure to shoot a mix of group and couple photos.

Again, this Maui Family Photography session was terrific. The Alber’s party were a great example of what family bonding is. So which is your favorite bonding moment? Share below. Although its hard to choose just one favorite, I would say mine were any photos with the baby girl. Her smile brightens up the entire day.

Thank you for trusting me as your Maui Family Photographer. All in all, we wish you many more bonding moments captured in time. Enjoy your Maui vacation.

If you are looking to have your family photography session on Maui, don’t hesitate to reach out. For inquiries feel free to reach me via email here.

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A Family’s Bond: The Alber’s: Maui Family Photography Shoot

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