Maui Wedding Photography-Kenna & Jared’s Honeymoon Session! Enjoy your preview. Thank you for choosing Jenny Vargas Photography to capture your Honeymoon photo session.

As for Kenna and Jared, it’s that forever kind of love. Let’s congratulate these high school sweethearts on sticking together like two peas in a pod. Thank you for having me as your Maui Honeymoon Photographer.

Altogether, some things in high school last a lifetime.

Seeing that Kenna and Jared have been together since high school and college, I think marrying your high school sweetheart is incredible. So here is a little snippet behind their love story. Kenna and Jared are from Arkansas. As a matter of fact, they met in high school. Ironically, they both worked as lifeguards at their local pool. Ultimately, they fell madly in love.

After college, Jared joined the Air Force. In contrast, Kenna got her degree as a Registered Nurse. Being that Jared is active duty, they are uprooted to live in many parts of the country. Lucky for Kenna, she can transition from various places with her career as a nurse. Indeed, this is no coincidence. Of course, these two were meant to be. And currently, they reside in Las Vegas, NV.

Even though Kenna and Jared tied the knot in 2017, it is only now they took time out for a honeymoon. Hey, it’s never too late to celebrate. We all commend you both for providing healthcare services to the community and for protecting our country. Thank you.

Surely, Can we say POWER COUPLE? These two are AH-MAZING!

As can be seen, this sunset honeymoon photography session was at Po’olenalena Beach, located on the south side of the island. For those of you who are familiar with this area, know there is ample space to move. But on this day, the king tides were in full effect. Here, we got our cardio up, but that didn’t stop Kenna and Jared from enjoying themselves.

All in all, a fantastic honeymoon photoshoot at one of Maui’s breathtaking beaches.

Again, thank you for trusting me as your Maui Honeymoon Photographer. Wishing you many more places to explore together as a power couple.

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Jul 24

High School Sweethearts Still Going Strong- Kenna & Jared’s Honeymoon Session

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