Summertime vibes in Maui-Giulia’s Senior Portraits. Maui Senior Photography: Enjoy your preview! Thank you for choosing Jenny Vargas Photography as your Maui Photographer.

As soon as you look back to see how far you’ve come, you smile.

Definitely, let’s congratulate the beautiful Giulia on her high school graduation milestone. Now, let’s celebrate!

So, Giulia’s graduation gift meant a summer trip to Maui with the family. Two perks of Giulia’s celebration were staying at the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea and a photography session on Maui’s summertime beaches.

As a Maui Photographer, I’m excited to photograph graduating seniors. It allows them moments to be themselves and feel free. Surely, senior pictures are something they can cherish and show the next generation of how they looked and felt. During my clients’ senior sessions, the goal is to seize different angles while catching their spark of happiness. Indeed, mission accomplished this session.

Because Giulia and her family traveled from the mainland, a sunrise session was on their agenda. As shown below, portraits were taken at the Four Seasons Resort as well as on the beach.

Uniquely, Giulia has some skills behind a lens.

She explained that in her spare time, she snaps pictures of her friends and enjoys picture-taking. But on this day, Giulia was ready to be the model in front of the lens. Yup, you heard that right! HUN-NAY, strut your stuff! I’m open to outfits changes as many times as needed. After all, we are here for some good times with great photos.

Because Giulia and her family traveled from the mainland, a sunset session was on their agenda. For the shoot, we remained at the Four Seasons Resort and the beach by the hotel.

Featured here was Giulia in her gorgeous plumeria haku. And Oh-my, she has a lovely smile to go with her charm. And standing next to Giulia is her sweet sister. It was so good to see how supportive these sisters were.

All in all, such a pretty morning for Giulia’s Maui Senior Portraits.

And TA-DA! Just like that. In the blink of an eye, Giulia said peace out to four years of high school. Now she waves to the world with the strength to take it on. Well, I will say this-“The best is yet to come.”

Which Senior Portrait is your favorite? Share below.

Again, thank you for trusting me as your Maui Photographer. In the meantime, keep shining!

Jul 24

Summertime Vibes-Giulia’s Maui Senior Photography

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