The Wedding Goes On | Catherina and Alex’s Maui Wedding | Elegant Wailea Hotel

Particularly, Catharina, and Alex were grateful to relocate their wedding to the elegant Hotel Wailea, unlike their original wedding venue at the Sheraton Hotel. Thank you for letting me, your Maui Wedding Photography, capture your memorable day.

On a side note, brides like Catharina scrambled to find a new venue after the Maui wildfires destroyed West Maui wedding venues. Being Catharina and Alex’s Maui Wedding Photographer, I was happy to help guide them. Notably, it wasn’t easy adjusting to change, especially at the last minute. To point out, I couldn’t have asked for a better couple who were patient, kind, and understanding.

Of course, the elegant Hotel Wailea wedding venue did not disappoint!

To begin, Catharina and Alex got ready at the Marriott Wailea, located across the street from the elegant Hotel Wailea. Here, we took Catharina and Alex’s first-look portraits. Indeed, they were stunning. Catharina’s dress was marvelous. Certainly, the design was unique. To emphasize, it was an off-the-shoulder, mermaid-style wedding gown with a beautiful sheer pattern around the torso. As can be seen, it was breathtaking. As shown in the portraits, Alex wore an off-white suit with tanned loafers.

Afterward, we headed to the elegant Hotel Wailea for more portraits.

As shown below, the ceremony was on the lawn of the property. As your Maui Wedding Photographer, I loved collaborating with Ashley from A Dream Maui Wedding. Surly, she organized everything perfectly. Since Catharina’s mother passed away, Ashley kept that in mind. As a result, Ashley provided a chair topped with a lei for the ceremony. For the reception dinner, a chair was reserved for Catharina’s mom to be present in spirit. Indeed, Ashley got to know the couple and brought everything to life for their wedding.

Furthermore, the hotel grounds were unique compared to others in Maui. Why, you ask? For one, the grounds remind me of a picturesque place in Europe. From the cobblestone design to the indoor fireplace, the stairway design, high vaulted ceilings, and the landscape overlooking the ocean make the elegant Hotel Wailea unique. Also, the hotel wedding venue is the only adult-only hotel in Maui.

Catharina and Alex were thrilled. They shared an intimate space with fifteen guest. In fact, they were open to taking numerous portraits. Of course, as a Maui Wedding Photographer, I love it when my couples agree to taking lots of photos. Needless to say, I took lots of pictures.

In conclusion, food for thought: sometimes your original plans may get wrecked, but what is on the other side of those plans can exceed your expectations! Comment below if you agree.

All in all, everything about Catharina and Alex’s wedding was spectacular. Congratulations on getting hitched! And thank you for trusting me, Your Maui Photographer, to capture it on film.

Planner Ashley from Dream Maui Wedding
Hair and Makeup by MAB
Florals by Fernhouse

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Maui Wedding Photographer | Elegant Wailea Hotel | Maui, HI

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