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Photographing Melissa and Ed’s Maui Couple’s Portraits was an honor. Indeed, Melissa and Ed’s Maui Couple’s Portraits were lovely. Although the newlywed’s original honeymoon plans fell through, they came to the right place. And thank you for having me as your Sunset Honeymoon Photographer.

As we all know, covid caused havoc in everyone’s travel plans. But as an experienced Sunset Honeymoon Photographer, I was there to help guide Melissa and Ed.

Interestingly, a Maui trip was more than they expected. Instead of Melissa and Ed’s trip to Europe, they celebrated their honeymoon at the beach in Maui. The couple experienced Maui’s delicious local food, spent romantic walks on the beach, and booked a Maui Couple’s Portraits session.

With that said, some of my favorite moments as a Sunset Honeymoon Photographer is watching my clients jaw drop at the beautiful pink skies.

On a side note, Melissa and Ed have been together since Junior college. Although Ed lived in the Bay area and Melissa lived in southern California, their relationship thrived. And now they added a plus one to their family, a newborn.

Since Melissa and Ed work a lot, their honeymoon trip to Maui was the perfect getaway.

Firstly, I took Melissa and Ed’s Maui Couple’s Portraits for sunset at Makena. As shown below, I photographed Melissa and Ed in different outfits. Strikingly, Melissas wore a red dress that popped against the greenery. Surely, it was gorgeous. In contrast, Melissa’s soft colored green dress was a great color to wear standing in front of the Pacific Ocean. Melissa wore a beautiful bright pink and white haku (flower crown). Melissa and Ed got lost in the present moment. And this is what I strive for my clients to experience. The stunning duo were incredible to photograph. I enjoyed capturing their pure bliss. With couples like Melissa and Ed, I don’t need to say much. Because they were naturals in front of the lens. Maui’s beauty mesmerized Melissa and Ed so much that they were natural in front of the lens.

Their Couple’s Sunset Portraits session was Melissa and Ed’s highlight of their trip. Commnet below which image is your favorite?

Congratulations, Melissa and Ed. And thank you for trusting me as your Sunset Honeymoon Photographer. Indeed, it was an honor to capture your images.

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Maui Couple’s Portraits | Sunset Honeymoon Photographer

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