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As your Maui Island Photographer, I was honored to be part of Erika and Nathan’s couple’s photography session. Indeed, Erika and Nathan picked the charming Makena Cove for their session. Now, help me wish the beautiful duo a happy fifteenth anniversary.

As a Maui Island Photographer, it’s nice meeting other photographers. Notably, Erika and her husband Nathan were both professional photographers. In short, they met in college, have three boys, and live in Ohio. Furthermore, Erika and Nathan were pleasant. No doubt, the two knew what to do in front of the lens.

Different from Ohio, the couple wanted images on a beach. Despite Erika and Nathan staying on the west side of Maui, they chose the Makena Cove location.

As their Maui Island Photographer, I smiled just as enormous as Erika and Nathan. Undoubtedly, the highlight for them was vacationing in warm weather and digging their feet in the sand. Being that it was a sunrise session, the weather and lighting was perfect.

With that said, the backdrop of Lana’i, lava rocks, and the hanging greenery was pretty. Erika and Nathan felt relaxed, which made it a breeze to take snapshots. Not to mention, Erika and Nathan cherished spending quality time together. On a another note, Makena Cove is a great place for spending romantic relaxing time with each other. Indeed, Makena Cove is a small cove that is great for getting away from crowds. So it was an excellent choice for this session.

All in all, Erika and Nathan’s Anniversary Couple Session at Makena Cove was one to remember.

So for those married couples, what is the key to a long lasting marriage? Let’s hear from you. Please leave your response below.

In conclusion, thank you for trusting me as your Maui Island Photographer. Of course, I was delighted to meet fellow professional photographers. Lastly, do you have a favorite image from this gallery? Be sure to comment below.

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Maui Island Photographer | Makena Cove | Anniversary

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