Tropical Maui Wedding | Katherine and Collin | Royal Lahaina Venue

Congratulations, Katherine and Collin, on your tropical Maui Wedding at the Royal Lahaina. Thank you for trusting me to be your Maui wedding photographer. I enjoyed photographing your lovely day.

To begin, Katherine and Collin traveled from northern California. Indeed, their tropical Maui wedding was perfect at the Royal Lahaina venue. 

First, I photographed Katherine and her wedding party getting ready in their Royal Lahaina suite. Undoubtedly, one of my favorite images was of the three generations of women; Katherine, her mother, and her grandmother. Notably, these are moments Katherine will cherish for a lifetime.

Next, I photographed the first look.

The Royal Lahaina venue had great photography locations. This tropical Maui wedding at the Royal Lahaina venue was adorable. We found a spot by the palm trees that gave plenty of shade. Here, we shot Katherine and Collin’s sweet first look. Indeed, the greenery backdrop perfectly contrasted Katherine’s and Collin’s ensemble. As shown below, the duo was gitty. Hence, big smiles and laughter made a great photography work day.

Now let’s talk about my favorite photography shots; details.

As a Maui Wedding Photographer, I’m a sucker for details. Furthermore, Katherine wore a stunning long satin dress. The back of the wedding dress had lace from mid-thoracic to above the waistline. Also, buttons flowed from the center of her shoulder blades to the train. And Katherine had a beautiful white and yellow plumeria bouquet. Opposite her, the bridal party had heart-shaped, hand-woven straw fans with white flowers. Collin and his party wore loose-fitting white linen shirts and pants with brown shoes. As a result, the bridal party’s seafoam green dresses contrasted perfectly with the white linen attire.

And these tropical Maui wedding details at the Royal Lahaina were gorgeous.

Katherine and Collin’s tropical Maui wedding at the Royal Lahaina included a view of the ocean, Lana’i, tiki torches, and red and orange ti-leaves. Katherine and Collin walked down an aisle sprinkled with purple plumeria flowers. Not bad for a wedding view, huh?

Of course, the ceremony was beautiful. Following the exchange of vows, I photographed Katherine and Collin at sunset. Then, the couple skipped their way to the dance floor. Here, Katherine wore a beautifully designed off-white mesh crop top. To conclude, the night ended with good food, beverages, and company.

All in all, Katherine and Collin’s Tropical Maui Wedding at the Royal Lahaina was lively and fun. Congratulations, Katherine and Collin, on your marriage. Lastly, may your love grow stronger with every passing year.


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