Delightful Maui Wedding | Kris and Mogy | Camp Olowalu

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and photographing Kris and Mogy’s delightful Maui Wedding at Camp Olowalu.

Congratulations, Kris and Mogy, on your delightful Maui wedding. Last year, Kris and Mogy got engaged on Maui. So it was a must to get married here. Kris and Mogy were sweet and very down-to-earth. Both were in the medical field. So Camp Olowalu was the perfect location and vibe for their delightful Maui wedding.

Because they wanted to stay close to the wedding venue, Kris and Mogy rented the cabins at Camp Olowalu.

Despite the small size of the cottages, Kris, Mogy, and their guest got ready with ease. Uniquely, Kris and Mogy soaked in the camp vibes for their delightful Maui wedding. Katie wore a beautiful cream-colored wedding dress and chose to go barefoot. And who can blame a bride for going barefoot, right? From experience, wearing wedding heels is painful. Also looking voguish, Mogy wore a stylish black suit with brown leather shoes.

Shout out to Love Maui Weddings for coordinating the Camp Olowalu venue.

As a Maui Photographer, the location was ideal for wedding portraits. The various photography shots were within a short walking distance. Also, the trees provided the area with plenty of shade. Furthermore, I took Kris and Mogy’s lovely first-look images beside the overgrown green archway. Here the two displayed their heartfelt smiles in front of the lens. Then, I photographed their delightful ceremony. Next, we walked to the water. Here, I captured the admirable couple together. Lastly, I photographed the laid-back couple together, enjoying the day.

All in all, Kris and Mogy’s delightful Maui wedding at Camp Olowalu was a day to remember. The best feeling is to be present while soaking in the atmosphere, food, and guest. Congratulations, Kris and Mogy, on your marriage. Again, thank you for trusting me as your Maui Wedding Photographer. May the years ahead be filled with love and joy.

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Dec 15

Delightful Maui Wedding | Camp Olowalu | Jenny Vargas Photography

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