Maui Maternity Portraits | Jennifer and Ben | White Rock Beach

As your Maui Photographer, I’m excited to present Jennifer and Ben’s delightful Maui Maternity Portraits. Congratulations on expecting a plus one.

The Californians vacationed in Maui to celebrate their soon-to-be family of three. With excitement and joy, Jennifer and Ben are patiently waiting to meet their firstborn. Since children have curious minds, be ready when they ask from where did they evolve. Thankfully you’ll have your gorgeous Maui maternity portraits to show. 

As your Maui Photographer, I wanted to provide a relaxing, unforgettable Maternity portrait session.

As shown below, I met Jennifer and Ben at White Rock beach in Wailea. Without a doubt, the sunset glistened, giving Jennifer that mommy-to-be glow. For sure, Jennifer was stunning. Her haku (flower crown) matched her long flowing floral dress. Ben wore Kahki’s and a dark blue button-down shirt. Together Jennifer and Ben were a match made in heaven. To emphasize Ben’s support for Jennifer, I photographed Ben’s food belly next to Jennifer’s baby belly. Of course, we all laughed. Notably, we captured Jennifer and Ben sharing a kiss while holding their announcement sign.

Being a mother, I understand how every moment counts while carrying your firstborn. Every day counts from here until delivery day. So mommy to be, make sure to capture each stage of your pregnancy. You’ll cherish your maternity portraits for a lifetime. Surely, seeing my clients smile from ear to ear makes me love what I do.

Again, thank you, Jennifer and Ben, for allowing me to capture your Maui Maternity Portraits. 


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Oct 17

Maui Maternity Portraits | Plus One On It’s way | Jenny Vargas photography

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