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As your Maui Wedding Photographer, I’m excited to share with you a sweet private ceremony of the lovely Amy and Vea during their Maui intimate wedding, located in West Maui.

When love is true, nothing will stop two beautiful human beings from uniting as one. In the first place, unfortunate events happened with Amy and Vea’s original wedding plans, but that didn’t stop them from having a spectacular Maui intimate wedding. Although their original Maui wedding venue was to take place at Olowalu, plans changed due to guest cancellations. Above all, the delightful duo didn’t let it rain on their wedding day parade. Instead, the power couple made do with a sweet private ceremony with about ten guests. As can be seen, Amy’s family and Vea’s daugther were present to witness the couple’s special day.

Just like a rainbow appears after a storm, Amy and Vea’s Maui intimate wedding reminded me of just that. Uniquely, they got to catch their own Maui rainbow on their special day.

How stunning was Amy and her handsome hubby Vea? Indeed, this couple screams true love. The way they looked at each other during their Maui intimate wedding had me smiling behind my camera lens. Indeed, their ceremony was full of joy. The couple’s additional family, who, were absent to attend, dressed as if they were at the wedding. Then Amy and Vea’s had a virtual dance party with their additional family via zoom. Isn’t it amazing how far technology has come?

With that said, being from two different parts of the world, love units us all. Amy is from Canada, and Vea is from New Zealand. No matter all their obstacles, love brought them together for their happily ever after.

Again, as your Maui Wedding Photographer, we wish you an abundance of love, joy, and happiness. Do you have any questions about a Maui intimate wedding photographer? E-mail us for more information.

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Maui Intimate Wedding |Sweet and Private| Maui Wedding Photographer

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