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Pictured below are the Gilles’ Maui ohana photography portraits. Among their extended ohana were the cutest children. And what a fun group of little ones. As can be seen, they showed so much joy playing in the sand with one another. Without a doubt, we had a blast capturing the Gilles lively family photos.

In the hope to escape the winter blues in Illinois, the Gilles’ group came to Maui for some fun in the sun.

And what better way to capture their experience than with a Maui ohana photography session. Being from a different time zone, the family was up early for their sunrise photography shoot at Kapalua Bay.

Included in their Maui ohana photography session were three adult siblings with their parents and each of the siblings’ families. Of course, the Gilles showed their limitless love as the camera snapped away. In particular, the youngest baby girls face and piercing blue eyes were adorable. My favorite shot is of her tongue sticking out.

Now, worn around some family members’ necks were Maui’s colorful plumeria purple, white, yellow, and brown kukui nut lei.

It is important to realize, Maui lei’s are more than just a souvenir but have a deeper meaning. They represent love, friendship, special occasions, honor, or greeting. So the lei’s were perfect for the Gilles Maui ohana photography session. Certainly, a grand celebration was sharing limitless love on the island of Maui.

Again, thank you for choosing JVP as your Maui family photographer. We look forward to being there for your future Maui ohana photography session. We wish you an abundance of continued love, joy, and Maui vacations.

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Maui Ohana Photography|Limitless Love| Maui Family Photographer

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