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As seen below, this Maui Family Vacation Photography shoot was in full swing! So, scroll on down to view the Armstrong’s beach session below.

Now, leave it to Maui to grant you that fun in the sun, R&R type of family vacation. With that said, escaping the cold winter of Utah, the Armstrong’s came to the right place. For sure, memories made at the beach in Maui last for a lifetime. And being your Maui Family Vacation Photographer, it was a pleasure to share your family’s great laughs. Now, let loose and enjoy paradise.

Next, let’s introduce a beautiful family of seven- the Armstrong’s. Being on vacation in Maui, they appreciated the winter’s warm weather. Indeed, they raised two dazzling girls and two handsome boys. Also, they welcomed their son-in-law for more good times for their family fun.

Who else agrees with me when I say family gives roots to help each other stand tall and proud! And what better way to display that than with a family vacation photography session.

Indeed, the Armstrong family was a prime example of that. Here, the Armstrong’s session was shot for sunset at Kapalua Bay. The sunset was very pretty this evening. And as your Maui Family Photographer, I enjoyed seeing how well everyone got along, the endless jokes, and laughs. All of which gave character to each person. This Maui Family vacation photography session was full of energy and entertainment, which I loved.

All in all, I had a blast capturing the Armstrong’s Family Vacation Photography session. Again, thank you for trusting me to be your Maui Family Photographer. We wish you more family vacations with lots of fun in the sun.

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Nov 21

Maui Family Vacation Photography | Beach Memories | Armstrong Session |Maui Family Photographer

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