Maui Bridal Portraits | Yawen & Jessie’s Session | Honolua Forest Sunset & Ironwoods Beach Morning

Celebrating their honeymoon with Maui Bridal Portraits, let’s congratulate Yawen and Jessie on getting hitched.

Now, it’s not unusual for honeymooners to re-cap wedding portraits. Sometimes due to lack of time or an idea of someplace like Maui for marriage photos, it’s all in timing and what works for you. Even if it’s your first, second, or third wedding photography session, as your Maui Wedding photographer, I get excited. By all means, I am here to give you the fairytale wedding portraits of your dreams. With that said, Maui is a magical place, and it’s the best place for any photography session!

Seen below, are the stunning Yawen and Jessie’s Maui Bridal Portraits. Since not having many original wedding photos, they wanted an exquisite bridal photography session. And because they stayed at the Westin Hotel, they chose the locations at Honolua Bay and Ironwoods Beach. May I add, we had an exciting experience.

As a Maui wedding photographer, it’s essential to realize the month of December is one of Maui’s rainiest times of the year. Notably, I informed my clients of possible rain with the flexibility to reschedule.

Firstly, Honolulu Forest was a gorgeous day to shoot. The sun provided amble lighting. Yawen and Jessie had a blast with endless laughs and romantic eye gaze exchanges. Yawen was magnificent in her beautiful long white dress and veil. All the while, Jessie looked handsome in his blue suit.

Secondly, when we arrived at Ironwoods Beach, the sun was shining. After I took a few snaps, mother nature called for rain. Yes, we got drenched. But, I captured some fantastic shots of their experience under the umbrella. Again, Yawen and Jessie were terrific! Rain or shine, they had bright smiles as they stood side by side. As a result of the downpour, we rescheduled for the following day prior to them flying back to San Francisco.

Lastly, I met Yawen and Jessie at Ironwoods Beach for an 8 am morning session. Can we say, good things come to those who wait? Well, Yawen and Jessie got more than just their Maui bridal portraits. This session was full of love, experiences, and laughs. Did I mention December was whale season? From afar, Yawen and Jessie caught whales giving an Aloha wave from the water. Also, a beautiful rainbow appeared from the bright skies. Also, shown below, Yawen wore a beautiful top laced wedding gown with a ruffled layered bottom and a laced veil. Indeed, Yawen and Jessie were impressive.

All in all, rain or shine, Yawen and Jessie stood side by side with positivity and bright smiles.

Again, thank you for trusting me as your Maui wedding photographer. Despite the rain, I hope you had a fabulous experience. We wish you endless love through rain and shine.


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Maui Bridal Portraits | Rain or Shine, Always By Your Side | Maui Wedding Photographer

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