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As a Maui wedding photographer, help me congratulate and give a warm Aloha to the newly engaged Bri and Stewart. Clap, Clap, Clap, and A-L-O-H-A!

For their Maui engagement photography session, Bri and Steward visited from down under, Australia.

Isn’t it interesting how we never know where we may find love? For Bri, she went abroad to study in Portugal. Surprisingly, little did she know, love would sweep her around the world. Bri and Stewart met in Portugal and fell head over heels for each other. Being that Stewart is from Australia, Bri and Stewart chose to live there. Then, off they went, around the world from Europe to Australia. And now they call Australia home.

Uniquely, Bri’s parents live in Tuscon, AZ, and her grandparents live in Maui, HI.

Not only is Maui the perfect place to visit family, but it also serves as a middle ground for both parties. Additionally, Maui is the PERFECT place to have their wedding. As their Maui engagement photographer, I am excited to announce I will be their Maui wedding photographer. Furthermore, Bri and Stewart’s wedding date is set for 2021. Although they haven’t decided on a venue, I can’t wait for to shoot their special day!

Together, Bri and Stewart were a pleasure to be around. Notably, their relaxed Aloha feeling made the session fun. YAS, they were such a lovable couple. Bri wore a charming green Aloha print dress while Steward wore a laid back casual outfit. Bri and Stewart are like two puzzle pieces cut out perfect for one another.

All in all, this Maui engagement photography session flowed like a Hawaiian lava flow drink. Bri and Stewart were terrific! Now, I’m taking votes; which wedding venue should they should choose? Leave your comment below.

Again, thank you for trusting me as your Maui Engagement Photographer. We can’t wait to be a part of your matrimony! We wish you love and patience during the wedding planning.

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Maui Engagement Photography | Love locked Around The World | Maui Wedding Photographer

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