Maui Engagement Photography: Rachel & Nikko’s Beach Photoshoot. Thank you for choosing Jenny Vargas Photography. Enjoy!

Maui Couple’s Photography-Take Two! As mentioned before, I was thrilled to be the couple’s Maui Engagement Photographer. Because they booked two separate sessions, they got the best of both worlds; the mountain and beach.

On the next day, after their first photo session, we met at Kapalua Bay for sunset. Here we shot their Maui Couple’s Photography session. Uniquely, petitebloom.maui provided the two with special individual lei’s. On this day, Rachel wore a white Haku lei with her tropical dress. Different from the white, she also wore a pink Haku lei to match her white dress. And Nikko wore the Hawaiian Maile Lei. Certainly, both looked amazing.

During the Maui Couple’s Photography session, the sun hit just right on the two. While they stood in each others arms on the cliffs at Kapalua Bay, the sun was almost as radiant as Rachel and Nikko. Truly, happily in love, they were phenomenal. Meanwhile, did you notice they are barefoot? Even though the rocks were jagged, there was something magical about touching mother earth with their bare feet. As seen below, Rachel and Nikko embraced Maui’s calmness.

Now, who else besides me loves the small details? With photography, it’s important to shoot fine details for the bride and groom to cherish.

For this Maui beach session, I captured Rachel’s ring in its casing. Against the lava rocks, Rachel’s diamond illuminated. In addition to another fantastic shot, was Rachel’s hand resting on Nikko’s chest. Which is your favorite detailed photo?

Indeed, this Maui Couple’s Photography session had Rachel, and Nikko buzzed off Maui’s tropical vibes.

Again, thank you for trusting me as your Maui Couple’s Photographer. All in all, we wish you lots of love and joy! If you missed their first Maui Engagement Photoshoot, catch it here.

Aug 8

Maui Couple’s Photography: Take Two with Rachel & Nikko’s Beach Session

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