Maui Wedding Photographer: Lisa & Justin’s Vow Renewal-Enjoy your preview. Thank you for choosing Jenny Vargas Photography as your Maui Wedding Photographer.

Let’s give a warm Aloha to Lisa and Justin as they came to Maui for their vow renewal. Of course, no better way than on a beach in Hawai’i.

For Lisa and Justin, their ten years of marriage established the following: three beautiful children, blessings galore, and an endless circle of love.

Along with family members, they visited from Washington state. As always, I was happy to be the Maui Wedding Photographer behind the lens on this fantastic day. Notably, Your Aloha Wedding Coordinator organize the event. Likewise, it was such a pleasure working with Kara and her fine team of women.

OH! And what a sweet sunset ceremony for Lisa and Justin.

Meanwhile, the event took place at Ironwoods Beach, Kapalua. Uniquely, Lisa and Justin’s family handpicked flowers from a friend’s farm. From the selected flowers, they made Lisa and Justin a beautiful lei arrangement. Blessed with Aloha, the lei was positioned in the sand while Lisa and Justin stood in the center. The tone was set for a simple yet elegant vow renewal event.

In essence of the Hawaiian ceremony tradition, a blow of the Pu (conch shell) announces the start of a ceremony and chants to announce an event. Here, the Hawaiian officiant blew the Pu and chanted to unite the couple in harmony and peace. To celebrate the couple, a local musician serenaded the event with his soothing voice and strum of the ukulele. Last but not least was the exchange of the lei’s. Photographed below Lisa wore a gorgeous plumeria lei and Justin wore a maile lei.

After the ceremony, we took some great shots on the beach. These included pictures of the entire family, some with the family of five, and others with the people who made the event possible. Then we walked to the cliffs of Kapalua Bay. Next, we captured more of Lisa and Justin’s unforgettable moments. Without delay, I snapped away at some intimate moments. Clearly some lovely time out for the two. It was enough to take in Maui’s breathtaking views while entangled in each other’s arms. Indeed, these love birds soaked up every minute of love.

All in all, an astonishing vow renewal ceremony. Let us give Lisa and Justin a big Aloha on their celebration.

So, what comes to mind when you think of ten-year marriage milestone? Comment below.


Again, thank you for trusting me as your Maui Wedding Photographer. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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Jul 18

The Circle of Love: Lisa and Justin’s Vow Renewal

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