Although Danielle and Tommy’s causal Maui elopement was not the traditional path to matrimony, it was a beautiful celebration of love. 

Congratulations to Danielle and Tommy on their causal Maui elopement at Makena. Amid Makena’s shores, love wrote its own story. Danielle and Tommy were from Chicago and Florida. Uniquely, they embarked on a journey of intimate union. And thank you for trusting me as your Maui Elopement Photographer. Indeed, it was an honor to photograph their celebration.

Notably, Danielle and Tommy wore unique outfits and included their baby.

Truly, Danielle radiated in her simplicity. Notably, her knee-length dress was a celestial masterpiece. The delicate motifs of the moon and sun woven into the fabric symbolized the harmony of their infant, Sunshine and their soon-to-be-born child, Luna. Each stitch whispered tales of their journey, culminating in the tranquil embrace of Maui. Indeed, Tommy’s glances adored Danielle and their child. Also, his suit with included embellishments of the moon and sun.

In addition to their causal Maui elopement, Danielle and Tommy concealed a heartfelt secret- the joyous announcement of their second pregnancy. Anxiously they await the arrival of Luna.

Together, Danielle and Tommy radiated a sense of completeness. As can be seen, their love weaved a tapestry of warmth and serenity at Makena shores.

With her artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail, Petite Maui curated a bouquet of florals that mirrored Danielle and Tommy’s essence. Each bloom spoke of new beginnings and the promise of a future filled with love and laughter. As the gentle Makena breeze danced through the air, Zeb Films captured every moment on film.

All in all, Danielle and Tommy and an amazing, causal Maui elopement which included their baby announcement at Makena.

As this elopement marked the beginning of their journey as husband and wife, Danielle and Tommy eagerly anticipate a grand wedding celebration in 2025. But for now, on the serene Makena shores, they found solace in each other’s embrace. Indeed, their love was illuminated by the golden rays and a testament to the timeless beauty of love’s embrace. Again, thank you for trusting me as your Maui photographer.

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May 9

Causal Maui Elopement | Makena | Jenny Vargas Photography

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