Maui Sunset Portraits | Jenny and Curtis | Andaz Hotel

Jenny and Curtis rocked their sunset couple’s session at the Andaz in Maui. Jenny and Curtis were lovely, from laughter to intimate moments on the beach. Thank you for trusting me as your Maui Couples Photographer.

The Andaz has a fantastic beachfront view, perfect for a sunset couple’s session. Not to mention, the sunset-lit skies will take your breath away.

As a Maui Photographer, I recommend a few areas for your sunset couple’s session. Firstly, if you’re a palm tree lover, the Andaz has a great spot in the lawn area for pictures. As seen below, the palm trees sway inwards, almost touching. Also, the ocean in the background gives these sunset couple photos all the tropical vibes you want. Secondly, there is a cove on the beach. This area has dark lava rocks with naupaka flowers along the coast. Indeed, this area screams romance—a cozy nook for your most intimate sunset couples session.

If you’re staying at the Andaz in Wailea, the entryway is also a great area to take couple’s photographs.

As your Maui Photographer, multiple clicks of my camera button produce photos that last a lifetime. Not only did Jenny and Curtis have fun at the Andaz, but they also have new memories. Their photographs will remind them of their endless love. Indeed, the Andaz Hotel is one of my favorite places to shoot sunset couple portraits. Furthermore, I had a lovely time photographing Jenny and Curtis.

Which area of the Andaz is your favorite: under the palm trees, by the lava rocks, or standing in the sand by the ocean? Comment below.

As your Maui Photographer, I am grateful for the opportunity to photograph sunset couple sessions. These evenings are some of the highlights of my days.

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Oct 23

Sunset Couple’s Session | Andaz | Jenny Vargas Photography

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