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Let’s show off the lovely Kaylee and Mike’s Maui Engagement Portraits.

Notably, Kaylee and Mike celebrated their proposal with Maui Engagement Portraits. As seen below, the images of Kaylee and Mike were beautiful.Congratulations on your commitment. And thank you for trusting me was your couple’s photographer.

Indeed, Honolua Forest and Ironwoods Beach cliffs are some of the most romantic locations for any Maui Engagement Portraits.

Furthermore, read below for a little story about how Kaylee and Mike met.

Kaylee and Mike lived on opposite ends of the US. Kaylee lived on the East Coast, and Mike lived on the West Coast. Although Kaylee is from Washington, when Mike and Kaylee met, she lived in Maryland. Opposite, Mike lived in Washington state. Lo and behold, they matched perfectly on the Tinder dating app. After talking for one month, Mike surprised Kaylee in Maryland. Soon after, Kaylee moved back to her home state, and the rest was history.

Then, three years later, Mike proposed to Kaylee. Now they have a beautiful little girl.

So, Kaylee and Mike came to Maui to look at wedding venues. Because they’ve visited Maui for vacation, they wanted to get married in Maui. While they came to tour venues, they decided to have Maui Engagement Portraits taken. And I was their lucky couple’s photographer. In fact, stay tuned for Kaylee and Mike’s Fall 2024 wedding.

Firstly, I took Kaylee and Mike’s first Maui Engagement Portraits at Honolua Forest, located on the island’s west side. As shown below, Kaylee and Mike were all smiles and full of affection. The couple wore colors that complemented each other and contrasted against the forest. Of course their Maui Engagement Portraits did not disappoint. Indeed, these two were a perfect match. Afterward, we drove to Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua. Kaylee and Mike changed their wardrobe. Again, their coordinated colors were perfect for Maui’s sunset.

All in all, Kaylee and Mike’s Maui Engagement photos were magical. It was great meeting such a lovely couple. Since I photographed Kaylee and Mike’s friends, I was thankful for the referral.

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Maui Engagement Portraits | A Perfect Match | Couple’s Photographer

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