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Congratulations to Brooke and Jordan on their wedding at the Olowalu Venue.

On a side note, Brooke, Jordan, and their wedding party were in a 2021 wedding I photographed. As a result, I was honored to be the photographer for this wedding. Obviously, Brooke and Jordan’s photography portraits were picture-perfect.

Firstly, I photographed Brooke and Jordan’s first look outside. Next, I took the pre-ceremony photos. Altogether, we had a blast. I captured amusing and intimate images that would hang in a living room. Brooke’s beautiful train was wrapped like a mermaid’s tail to allow for an epic bridesmaid photography portrait.

In brief, Tina from Food for the Soul coordinated the Olowalu Wedding venue. Fukashima flowers arranged the gorgeous florals. At the beginning of the reception, Brooke, Jordan, and their wedding party started the party with a choreographed dance. Indeed, the music was so good; I wanted to dance. Indeed, Brook, Jordan, and their wedding party were a blast to photograph. Of course, they knew how to have a good time.

On a side note, one of my favorite reasons to photograph weddings at Olowalu Wedding Venue is the expansive dance floor, striking sunsets, and the West Maui mountain backdrop.

As shown below, Brook and Jordan were a match made in heaven. All in all, their Olowalu wedding was memorable. Again, thank you for coming back to Maui for your wedding. Definitely, I’m honored to have been your Wedding Photographer.

Now, comment below your top three favorite photography portraits.


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Jul 31

Olowalu Wedding Venue | Photography Portraits | Let Loose

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