Surprise Maui Proposal Photographer | Allan and Phyllis Unique Proposal | Ritz Carlton

Congratulations, Allan and Phyllis, on your unique Maui proposal at the Ritz Carlton.

As their surprise Maui proposal photographer, I was honored to capture the unexpected look on Phyllis’s face. Thank you for trusting me as your Maui proposal photographer.

Indeed, the YES GIRLS organized this epic surprise Maui proposal.

As shown below, the decorations were perfect, reflecting Allen and Phyllis’ first date. Uniquely, each key chain included a written message. When Allen and Phyllis met, she locked herself out of her car. So low and behold, the decorations represented their love story. Surely, the best non-traditional surprise proposal, right?

As a surprise Maui proposal photographer, my favorite thing is capturing the bride-to-be’s reaction. Comment below if you love surprises.

Of course, Phyllis was clueless, thinking she and Allen were going for a stroll on the beach. Indeed, Phyllis was happily shocked. After walking towards the surprise proposal props, Phyllis looked puzzled. And then, out of nowhere, she was pleasantly surprised to find the gesture was for her. She was speechless when Allen dropped to one knee and popped the question. And thankfully, I was there to capture the excitement on their faces. Isn’t love grandiose?

After I caught images of the couple with Phyllis’s diamond, we walked to the beach. Although the wind was wild, I photographed two holding each other while enjoying the waves crash.

All in all, Allen and Phyllis had an epic surprise Maui proposal. And the images prove just how in love they were. Indeed, they will always remember their Maui surprise proposal. Again, thank you, Allen and Phyllis, for trusting me to be your surprise Maui proposal photographer. I wish you a lifetime of love.

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Apr 4

Surprise Maui Proposal Photographer | Heart Locked With You | Ritz Carlton

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