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As a Maui Paradise Photographer, I enjoyed capturing Lizza and John’s honeymoon sunset portraits. Let’s congratulate them on getting hitched. Thank you for trusting me as your Maui Paradise Photographer.

One thing I loved about Lizzie is that she was also a photographer. We shared photography stories and our passion for what we do. Lizzie and John were visiting from New York. Although Manhattan rooftop views from the city were spectacular, Maui’s beaches were magical.

Since I was a Maui Paradise Photographer with a similar style to Lizzie, she felt comfortable and confident I’d get the perfect images. After I spoke with Lizzie about booking their honeymoon sunset portraits, she was thrilled to take photos on the beach in south Maui.

I photographed Lizzie and John at the beaches in front of the Four Seasons Hotel for sunset.

Of course, Lizzie looked great in a stylish pink dress. Opposite, John looked happy in his relaxed attire. Very different from any New York look.

Maui’s sunsets set the tone for romance, precisely what Lizzie and John displayed. Especially since they were recent newlyweds, Lizzie and John flirted and spent their session walking the shoreline of Maui’s beach. The sunset lit the sky bright pink, which was breathtaking. The unique beauty Maui offers is staying in the present moment. Living the city life only offers a little of that. Of course, Lizzie and John took advantage of soaking in the present moment.

Couples like Lizzie and John make my job as a Maui Paradise Photographer delightful.

Although New Yorkers get a bad rap, Lizzie and John were extremely friendly and easygoing—all good vibes from them. All in all, Lizzie and John’s Honeymoon Sunset Portrait session was fantastic. It was a pleasure to meet you. Again, thank you for trusting me as your Maui Paradise Photographer.

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Maui Paradise Photographer | Honeymoon Sunset Portraits | Jenny Vargas Photography

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