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Emery and Priscilla’s Couples Honeymoon Portraits were heartfelt. It was an honor to capture the photos you could not get on your wedding day. Thank you, Emery and Priscilla, for trusting me to be your Maui Photographer.

In the past, Emery and Priscilla had many mishaps.

With that said, Emery and Priscilla had to cancel their wedding three times due to covid and Priscilla’s dad battling cancer. With this in mind, the two married at home in Florida. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the celebration photographs they wanted. For one thing, their story broke my heart. Of course, as their Maui Photographer, I wanted to make their Couples’ Honeymoon Portrait session memorable.

For Emery and Priscilla’s Couples Honeymoon Portraits, I met them at Honolua Forest and Ironwoods in Kapalua.

Immediately, I could see the heartfelt love between Emery and Priscilla. Certainly, the gratitude they expressed was priceless. For the Couples’ Honeymoon portraits in the forest and at Ironwoods cliffs, Priscilla wore her wedding dress. Notably, at Honolua forest, she wore a pretty pink hibiscus flower behind her ear. Then, at Ironwoods forest, she wore a gorgeous colorful pink haku(flower crown). As can be seen, at both locations, Emery wore a black tux.

After the couple’s honeymoon portraits wearing their wedding attire, they changed into comfortable clothes. I photographed them letting loose at at Ironwoods Beach. The couple had a blast chasing one another. While twirling in each other’s arms, I could feel the strong bond between Emery and Priscilla. After all, love conquers any mishaps in life. As a Maui Photographer, I felt their glow. Notably, it was important to capture their heartfelt love.

All in all, Emery and Priscilla’s Couples Honeymoon Portraits were remarkable.

By all means, their love is the definition of overcoming mishaps. Truly, thank you for trusting me as your Maui Photographer. Certainly, I was happy to photograph your special moments. May your love continue to grow.


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Couples Honeymoon Portraits | Maui Photographer | Kapalua

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