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Thank you, Cally and Bob, for trusting the JVP team as your Maui Wedding Photographers. We were delighted to capture a glimpse into your together forever. Congratulations on your marriage.

In the first place, JVP’s Maui Wedding Photographers captured Cally and Bob’s ceremony at Olowalu Plantation, located on Maui’s west side. At the plantation house, Cally and Bob prepped for their big day. Cally’s mother and two bridesmaids were present to help Cally look dashing for her special day. And you better believe these ladies made sure Cally was calm and stunning as the stomach butterflies set in. Also, Bob’s brothers reassured Bob looked and felt as sharp as a nail. Together with his brothers, Bob prepared for this memorable day. Equally, Cally and Bob were ready to unite.  

Of course, capturing the bride and groom, family, and friends, is one of the most incredible essential photos.

But your Maui Wedding Photographers will never forget to photograph your wedding details! The JVP Maui Wedding Photographers took snapshots of Olowalu’s ambiance, including place settings, food and drinks, flowers, and Cally and Bob’s memorabilia. Equally important, Cally and Bob’s wedding coordinator, Tina, did a fantastic job with the arrangements. Similarly impressive, Dellables’ floral arrangements were spectacular.

Now for the moment when the bride walks down the aisle.

In essence, the wedding ceremony was exquisite. The flower girl and ring bearer were adorable. The exchange of vowels and rings was sweet. And the words everyone waited to hear, “You may kiss the bride,” were charming. As Maui Wedding Photographers, we felt how much love filled the sky. Uniquely, Calle and Bob’s good friend officiated the wedding.

Next, everyone gathered at their table. Then as husband and wife, the newlyweds danced to their first dance. By the look of everyone’s smiles, it appeared the guest were enjoying themselves. While the guest celebrated with food and drinks, JVP’s Maui Wedding Photographers snagged more photos by the shoreline. Here we captured amazing sunset photographs. Now, as husband and wife, Cally and Bob were eager to live the rest of their lives.


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Aug 14

Cally and Bob’s Forever | Olowalu Plantation | Maui Wedding Photographers

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