Maui Family Photography | Bruns Family Session | Kapalua Bay Sunrise

The Bruns group were remarkable for their Maui Family Photography session.

Together, they had fun on their holiday vacation while creating family memories. I am sending a warm Aloha to the beautiful family of four.

As your children get older, it’s a must to capture them on film.

It’s important to realize they won’t stay little forever. And having a professional family photographer capture your photos are essential. There is something about viewing photos to reflect. In hopes that glancing at your still images takes you back to times when your kids were small. On a side note, I often do this when I look at my son’s baby pictures. On the other hand, the Bruns family visited Maui before and had photos taken with their precious little ones at a much younger age. And this year, they reached out for updated family photos.

Since staying on the west side of Maui, the Bruns party of four chose a perfect day for their family shoot at Kapalua Bay.

Admittedly, this 7 am photography session was superb. YAS, the clouds were white and puffy, the infinite skies the color of baby blue, and the sun shined for that radiant look. And this family knew how to pose! I fell in love with the kids. They were delightful and showed endless love for one another. Also, they were well behaved and smiled as bright as the sun. No doubt, the kids are mom and dad’s little mini-me’s. How Adorable, right? Not to mention, mom and dad looked stunning. Mom’s unique colors of her dress contrasted well with Maui’s blue ocean waves. What a great power couple!

In conclusion, the Bruns was a fun bunch full of style and grace. I am thankful to have been your Maui family photographer.

Again, thank you for trusting me as your family photographer. We wish you many more enjoyable family trips.

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Jan 13

Maui Family Photography | Creating Holiday Memories | Maui Photographer

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