Maui Engagement Photographer- Zaine & Farhan’s Surprise Proposal- Wailea Sunset

Being a Maui Engagement Photographer sometimes calls a bit of hide-and-seek in the bushes, which I think is pure entertainment.

With that said, let’s congratulate Zaine and Farhan on their romantic surprise proposal at White Rock Beach, Wailea.

As mentioned before, it’s gratifying when building a relationship with my clients. Although Farhan reached out to me months ago regarding his planned surprise proposal, we kept in contact until this day. In the meantime, we collaborated about his ideas before the final day. Since it was Zaine’s and Farhan’s first visit to Maui, it was important to provide them with recommendations to decide on a location for their Maui surprise proposal session. As everything aligned, we were ready for this day!

On this day, Farhan sent me a picture of him and Zaine.

Indeed this was a smart idea as Wailea sometimes has numerous photography sessions along the beach. First, Farhan treated his bride-to-be with a fabulous early dinner at the mouth watering, Mama’s Fish House. P.S.-A must restaurant to dine in when visiting Maui! Then, Farhan brought Zaine to White Rock Beach for what Zaine thought would be a romantic sunset stroll.

Out of sight, I hid behind the naupaka bushes. Here, I captured some distant and nearby shots. As a result, I caught the sequenced timeline from their brisk stroll to a happy ending. After the shock set in, Zaine and Farhan had a blast playing together on the beach. Looking bright and gorgeous, they were one happy couple. Ultimately my favorite photos were Farhan half kneeling and Zaine’s awe-struck expression of disbelief. Which is your favorite photo?

On a side note, what other Maui Engagement Photographer loves the thrill of seeing a surprised fiance? The best part of my days is seeing my clients full of smiles and love.

All in all, Zaine and Farhan’s unique surprise proposal was lovely. Again, thank you for trusting JVP to be your Maui Surprise Engagement Photographer. We wish you more lovely surprises to come! Congratulations!

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Oct 18

Maui Surprise Engagement Photographer: A Romantic Proposal in Wailea with Zaine & Farhan

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