Maui Maternity Photographer | Lindsey and Chris Babymoon Session | Wailea Sunset Session

First, I would like to thank you for choosing JVP to be your Maui Maternity Photographer. Indeed, I was honored to shoot a fellow photographer and be a part of your babymoon session.

Sooner than later, Lindsay will give birth to their firstborn. And since Lindsay and Chris are expecting their princess to arrive in 2020, I foresee lots of pretty ribbons and curls.

Visiting from Iowa, Lindsey and Chris chose Maui for their babymoon experience. Being that they’ve previously vacationed here, it was a no brainer to return. So now, they’ll add additional memories to their family album.

Their Maui Photography session took place at White Rock Beach in Wailea. As shown below, Lindsey was a natural in front of the lens. Being a photographer, she knew how to pose and what outfits to wear, including the color and style. Of course, the awesome Love & Beauty styled Lindsey’s hair and makeup. Now, my favorite part about the session was that Lindsey was beautiful and comfortable in her own skin! It’s important to realize, as a mom, we may not feel comfortable with a basketball belly, but it’s empowering for us women to embrace the beautiful gift of pregnancy! Thank you Lindsay! And I must say, Lindsey and Chris were a dynamite duo during their sunset session.

Generally speaking, being a Maui Maternity Photographer can be challenging. Because when it comes to picking favorites, I love them all! With that said, which is your favorite from Lindsey and Chris’s gallery? Share in the comments.

All in all, Lindsey and Chris had a darling babymoon shoot.

Again, thank you for trusting JVP to be your Maui Maternity Photographer. Wishing you every bit of happiness your beautiful princess will bring. Congratulations!

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Maui Maternity Photographer | Lindsey & Chris’s Dynamite Duo Babymoon

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