Maui Wedding Photography | Yvette and Ray’s Maui Wedding Day | Honolua Bay Sunset

I am grateful for being in the Maui Wedding Photography business because I get to share my client’s love songs to the world. Congratulations to Yvette and Ray on their Wedding day at Honolua Bay. Thank you for letting JVP capture your Maui Wedding Photography shots.

Now, have you ever heard a love song on the radio that stopped you in your tracks? One that immediately made you think of your significant other?

Well, on this beautiful day, Yvette and Ray shared an incredible moment during their first look. While the two prepared for their big day, Yvette and Ray were at different locations. Ray got ready at the Hyatt. Separate from that, Yvette got dolled up at a condo in Ka’anapali. When Yvette and Ray were eager to meet face to face, Ray surprised Yvette. In his pocket were speakers playing their favorite love song. When Yvette heard their song, she stopped her in her tracks. For a moment, they both had flashbacks of their love story. Then as the two looked deeply into the eyes of each other, they shed tears of joy. Yes, I know, Romantic! Now, grab your tissues and scroll through Yvette and Ray’s Maui Wedding gallery.

Here, Yvette and Ray had a sweet, intimate Maui wedding located at one of the island’s tropical forest for sunset. Guest included their two daughters, Yvette’s parents and grandmother, and Ray’s good friends. Everyone looked impressive. Certainly, let’s not forget their gorgeous florals created by Petite Maui. Another exciting part about Maui Wedding Photography is the DE-TAILS! Besides snapping away at the bride, groom, and guest, those fine shots were a must! So, who else loves those gorgeous details? Can I get a whoot-whoot?

Indeed a perfect wedding day for a superb couple.

Consequently, a happy bride and groom equal one happy family! All in all, a sweet and simple love song come true on this day in Maui. Again, Congratulations, Yvette, and Ray! Many Blessings!

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Sep 28

Maui Wedding Photography | A Song of Love-Yvette & Ray’s Wedding Day

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