Maui Vow Renewal : Maui Wedding Photographer – The Romero Family on Maui! Enjoy your preview! Thank you for choosing me as your Maui Photographer.

Once upon a time, many moons ago, the Romero’s said, “I do.” Three adult children and three grandchildren later, the Romero’s said “I do”-Take Two!
Let’s give a warm Aloha to the Romero’s on renewing their vows.

From northern California, it was the Romero family’s first time visiting Maui. Since they stayed at a condo in Napili, we met at there. As shown in the photos, they decided to have a small, quaint ceremony. Furthermore, the location was in the garden of their place. Equally, this family dressed in beautiful pastel colors to represent Maui’s summer vibes. Displayed in all photos, their compassionate smiles showed the love and honor they have for mom and dad. Everyone looked splendid with their Hawaiian Lei’s. While the ladies wore purple and white carnation lei’s, the men wore green maile ti leaf lei’s. After the ceremony, we took pictures at Napili Bay for sunset photos. Following their photo session, they ended their ceremony at the Sea House Restaurant.

You may ask, “what is a lei?” Well, let me explain a bit more about Hawaiian lei tradition.

It’s important to realize; a Hawaiian lei is a traditional necklace. Uniquely, lei’s are given to welcome guest or show affection. Also, it’s considered rude to decline a lei or remove it in front of whom gave it. Generally speaking, carnation lei’s represent love. And the green ti leaf lei express admiration and respect. Expressly, each lei symbolizes a different meaning and is used for various events.

What’s your favorite Hawaiian lei?

Again, thank you for trusting me to be your Maui Photographer. Indeed, wishing you many more years to enjoy your charming family.

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Jun 14

Maui Vow Renewal : Romero Family on Maui

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