Nothing over the top… Just a beautiful couple in love who eloped to a beach in Maui.

Once a bride myself, I know the overwhelming feeling of planing a wedding. Everything from picking the perfect colors, to food choices, then selecting a venue, and…the stressful list goes on. This can make any bride go bonkers. Instead of adding on all that stress, Dawn was as cool as a cucumber.

Uniquely, Dawn and Drew ditched those nerve-racking nuptial plans and left it all behind in Kentucky.

After I got the impromptu call the same week of their matrimony date, I was excited to be their Maui Wedding Photographer. On the morning of, I met Dawn and Drew at Secret Beach, located in Makena. I enjoyed hearing their story about keeping their wedding minimal to enjoy each other. The extent of their worries was between choosing an uber driver and a place to eat. In that case, I like the sound of that. All in all, it really is about what makes the bride and groom happy.

Different from other weddings I’ve photographed, included here was the hand-fasting tradition, a celtic tradition.

Who else loves the sound of simple and exquisite weddings without the stress of what everyone else wants? Dawn and Drew are perfect examples for having a stress free, amazing wedding. As a result, they are as happy as can be.

Congratulations to Dawn and Drew on tying the knot.

Again, thank you for choosing me as your Maui Wedding photographer. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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Apr 25

Maui Wedding Photographer : Dawn & Drew Maui Wedding

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