She said YAS | Audra and Phil | Haleakala Sunset Proposal

Thanks for choosing me as your Maui proposal photographer. Congratulations, Audra and Phil! 

As a Maui proposal photographer, I love hearing and sharing my client’s love stories. When the pandemic hit, Phil and Audra moved in together. While living together, the couple would see if this was true love. And, of course, love came out on top. After Phil decided to propose, the California couple planned to vacation in Maui. In the meantime, Phil reached out to me. Of course, we secretly planned his proposal. 

After hearing Phil’s proposal ideas, I knew sunset at Haleakala was the perfect location. 

Following their arrival to Maui, Phil and I spoke about the proposal details. Also, I notified Phil of what I wore so he could spot me in the crowd. Being Maui’s experienced proposal photographer, I recommended the following: 

  1. Dress in warm layers due to sunset temperatures in the 30s. 
  2. Arrive two hours before sunset due to limited parking.
  3. Bring water for hydration or a hot tea/beverage. 
  4. Wear closed-toe shoes. 
  5. Optional-bring blanket. 

Although Audra was clueless about what would happen, I couldn’t help smiling behind my lens. Notably, I patiently stood back in the crowd waiting for Phil to propose. Before Phil popped the famous line, “Will you marry me,” I captured great cozy photos of the two. 

As their Maui proposal photographer, many of my favorite images captured were the astonished look on Audra’s face. And the moon in these engagement portraits was lit. The contrasting background colors are a photographer’s dream come true. This evening, everything turned out as planned. A happy couple equals a happy photographer. 

All in all, a happy start to a lifetime together. Thank you, Phil and Audra, for trusting me as your Maui proposal photographer. 

Are you looking to book your Maui proposal photography session? View our blog here for more locations. 

Oct 17

Maui Engagement Photographer | She said YAS | Haleakala Proposal

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